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Random Acts

Dazed & Confused, among other selected creatives, have curated the finest team of filmmakers for a series of late night short films to be aired on Channel 4 throughout 2012

Commissioned by Channel 4 and curated by various creative platforms, Random Acts is a new sequence of three-minute art films to be shown late at night every weekday on Channel 4. With Dazed & Confused as one of the partners, the series will be created as an unconstrained canvas for raw, new ideas - where television becomes art. 'Random Acts' will be broadcast through two mediums of TV; out to a mass audience, and also online via a beautiful viral microsite.

In collaboration with producer Juliette Larthe, a total of 20 short films will be screened over the course of 2011/12. Through a carefully selected group of creative collaborators at the top of their fields, the series will bring outstanding creativity to a mass audience in the form of bold, creative and accessible short-form pieces to recapture the essence of art on TV as an eye-opening tool.

Split into two streams, the Dazed & Confused version shows weird, trippy, arty, experimental films by photographers, artists, and fashion filmmakers, and Dazed TV bringing you reality-based narratives from experimental filmmakers. Spread throughout the year, those commissioned include the likes of Jake & Dinos Chapman and Miriam Elia.

First up is tonight's 'Britain's New Underclass' which examines the life of a young rabbit claiming child benefits for her 200+ children. The rabbit complains over the lack of opportunity and careers and, although she appears to bare some responsibility for her current miserable state of affairs, she takes little blame for it, and instead points the finger at a society riven by systemic prejudice against rabbits.