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David Lynch's Silencio

Dazed speaks to the legendary director about his latest ventures in becoming club designer, artist, musician and producer

David Lynch is really beefing up his CV. The Academy Award nominated Director has in recent months added artist and club designer to his repertoire, and last week he also inserted singer and album producer. During the Summer, Lynch turned Mulholland Drive’s infamous club 'Silencio', famed for the line ‘this is all a tape recording’, into a live music venue in Paris. Then he took his own space over for the first of the club’s quarterly 'Carte Blanche' weeks, filling the various spaces with his favorite books, drinks, and showing his favorite movies in the club’s cinema.

Now he’s turned his hand to music, with his debut album ‘Crazy Clown Time’ released last week. The album features Lynch’s own vocals, albeit heavily distorted, as well as guest vocals from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O. With a club in Paris, and an album signed to UK label Sunday Best Recordings, Lynch is spreading out from Hollywood cinema in both senses. We talked to David Lynch about all of his latest ventures...

Dazed Digital: In the past few months, you’ve designed a club, had its’ first Carte Blanche, and released an album. Were each of these separate ventures or did you think of them as one Silencio project?
David Lynch: I worked on the design of Club Silencio because I was asked by a great group of Parisians to do this. As far as I’m concerned this club is not linked really to anything, it’s meant to be a standalone unique club with its own mood and experience.

DD: Do these new projects signal a move away from cinema into music? Was it a very different process from film making?
David Lynch:
The ideas, you could say, were similar to cinema ideas in the way sets are designed to create a specific mood. Design and architecture and furniture are like that. You try to get the space to come alive in a certain way.

DD: How did you first decide to turn your fictional club into a reality?
David Lynch:
The story goes that I was asked by Arnaud Frisch to design a night club inside an already existing space in a deep basement of a building in rue Montmartre. Over the following year, I worked on the designs and they were tweaked along the way by Raphael Navot, a great architect/designer in Paris. Then the designs and furniture were built by spectacular artisans in Paris.

DD: How do you feel about Silencio being Paris’ next ‘it’ club?
David Lynch:
I think it will end up being a pretty thrilling space.

'Crazy Clown Time' is out now