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Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards talk to Dazed about carving out an impressive reputation as lionhearted creatives not afraid to take risks and a series of new shows they're curating, entitled 'Family'

This design duo based in Manchester have crafted their trade through a multiplicity of mediums, projects and collaborations constantly forcing themselves to adapt. Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards of DR.ME have a lionhearted approach to creative design and art direction. Opening their arms to welcome any kind of collaborative effort is one admirable factor behind the duo's success, however it is the showing no fear when entering unknown realms and using untried methods in order to create unique design that really stands out.

Having designed the 12” for Dutch Uncles Cadenza release earlier this year and now currently curating a series of shows entitled Family, DR.ME are gaining fast recognition as one of the most resourceful creative units in the UK. We talked with the pair as they told us how DR.ME came to fruition and what it takes to stay innovatively true to your design ethics.

Dazed Digital: How did you come together as a design duo?
In reality we shouldn't be working together, many people ask us why we work together as we're pretty contrasting characters, the way we have always worked kind of contradicts each other but we've found that to be the reason that DR.ME works as a creative studio, haters gonna hate, playas gonna play.
DD: You’ve worked on an endless list of projects and formed numerous collaborations that all vary in terms of approach, concept and design aesthetic, however you seem to maintain a distinctive style – What is the importance of being resourceful and innovative whilst remaining true to your sensibilities?
From the outset of working with someone, be it a client or a creative collaboration, we always stay true to ourselves, if people don't like that then it becomes clear that we aren't going to work together.

DD: How does your creative process work - is it easier to be more productive as a pair?
When we're working on a new project we tend to bounce around ideas for a while until we come up with something that interests us, visualise it in a few different mediums and then utilise our skills to create something that we're proud of...then bin it and do something totally different. In answer to your question, yes it is easier as two brains are much better than just one.
DD: With the current climate being more difficult than ever for aspiring designers and artists to thrive in; are collaborative efforts more important than ever?
We think so! All of the Design studios that we admire are more than one; we just think its more fun! Working collaboratively does not always work but when it does it can be electric. We hope that further down the line when we are more established we will be able to collaborate more widely with other creatives.
DD: What is your preferred medium of design - why?
This may sound like a copout but we don't really have a preference, it's more whatever fits what we're working on be it painting, collage, video installation, illustration, we are finding ourselves using our Mac’s less and just making.
DD: Where do you gain inspiration?
We could list of a bunch of 'cool' artists and designers from the past 75 years to make ourselves sound trendy but we're going sound wanky and American and say that in reality we are mainly inspired by our friends that are constantly all around us, they all work in such varied mediums and excite us in such different ways, that’s why we started doing a series of shows where we could show off how awesome they all are called Family.
DD: What are you currently working on?
A few interesting projects including 12" artwork for one of the best dance acts to come out of Manchester in quite some time (D/R/U/G/S ), a pen-pal type project using twitter with one of our hero's (James Victore), a new sculpture project and we're also setting up a monthly pop up shop in our studio with some amazing one off contributions from Designers, Illustrators and artists including Mike Perry, Alexander Gorzynski, Anthony Burrill, Jonathan Flanders as well as others from New York, Melbourne, London, L.A., Oslo and Manchester, the shop will be called '7'.