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Gazette & BLK DNM

We chat to Aleksandra Woroniecka, the art magazine's editor, about working with Johan Lindeberg - and present the NYC label's second short film

Johan Lindeberg is really enjoying himself, it seems. Having left his eponymous brand and moved to New York, Lindeberg set up his new label BLK DNM and set about producing a line that was completely in tune with his persona. On top of that, just because he could and wanted, Lindeberg also decided to set up an art publication in conjunction with the fashion label. Gazette have no visual BLK DNM branding or advertising, Lindeberg and Aleksandra Woroniecka, his editor, just use the foldout publication as a blank canvas for creative friends and artistic icons. The first issue features Wes Anderson, Peter Lindbergh and Scott Campbell, to mention but a few...

Dazed Digital: How did you meet Johan Lindeberg?
Aleksandra Woroniecka:
I met Johan through some common friends, we would run into each other regularly, one day we decided to go skydiving together, it became a friendship.

DD: What's your personal background... media, fashion or art?
Aleksandra Woroniecka: My background is mainly fashion, even if I studied psychology and linguistics, but I was always very interested in photography. I started styling in Paris for magazines as Italian Vogue, L'uomo vogue, french vogue, dutch… then became editor-in-chief of rebel magazine for five years. Four years ago I decided to move to ny where I've been styling for magazines such as Harper's Bazaar and elle us, and have been doing the creative direction for Club Monaco for example. I keep working as a stylist while beeing editor in chief of the Gazette and starting a new project now in Paris, being fashion director of M le Monde, the new magazine of the newspaper le Monde.

DD: How big influence on the content does Johan have?
Aleksandra Woroniecka: We work together with Johan to make sure that the identity of the Gazette and the one of BLK DNM are alined, I think that we both inspire each other, therefore influence each other, it's a team work.

DD: Is Gazette BLK DNM in anything other than name? Do they have similar aesthetic qualities?
Aleksandra Woroniecka: As I was saying before, the identity of the Gazette has to reflect BLK DNM's world, they definitely have similar aesthetic qualities.

DD: Tell me about the artists involved, how did you settle on these names?
Aleksandra Woroniecka: The choice of the artists is a mix of two desires: to show a certain vision of new york and to collaborate with friends. For this first issue we wanted to do something very New York, as BLK DNM is a New York brand, but the New York before it got cleaned up, the real New York. The choice of the contributors was meant to show the continuity of this spirit through the generations (from Jerry Schatzberg and Stanley Greene to Nate Lowman and Scott Campbell for example).

DD: What's your favourite work in there, and why?
Aleksandra Woroniecka: It's very difficult to choose a favorite piece as I like them all for different reasons, I learn something different with each of them.

DD: Do you wear BLK DNM yourself, and why?
Aleksandra Woroniecka: Yes I do, just because I like it! 

DD: The magazine and the brand bridge fashion and art, what is the relationship between the two, according to you?
Aleksandra Woroniecka: I think that all creative fields interact with each other, and inspire each other, it's difficult for me to separate them. We all get inspired by art, fashion, music and cinema. The bridge exists in life, I wouldn't want to have to choose to look at only one, so the reader of the Gazette.