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Photography Phyllis Christopher

Art shows to see in LA, London, and New York in November 2023

From Jesse Glazzard’s moving meditations on love, to an intimate study of Spike Lee’s creative process, here are all the world’s must-see shows this month

2023 shows no signs of slowing down. Amongst November’s massive amount of show openings, a couple of themes come to the forefront, namely those from marginalised voices, such as women, queer artists, and artists of colour. There’s also a big spotlight on environmental concerns as artists find new ways to keep us engaged in the fight to save our planet – with three shows on this little list dedicating themselves to the plight. 

Elsewhere, we have subcultures such as skateboarding and the rave and traveller movements being given a stage, alongside a frightening but genius examination of how AI is being worshipped like a God, and a subversive celebration of the transformative sex culture and activism of LGBTQIA+ public spaces. Now get out there and see some art. If you fancy joining me for the last Art After Hours for the year at the end of November, keep an eye on my Instagram for details. Until next month!

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