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Bibiana Walmsley, Dazed Club x BUILDHOLLYWOOD (2022)
Bibiana Walmsley billboard (The George Tavern, London), Show Us Your Club  – Dazed Club x BUILDHOLLYWOOD (2022)Photography Steven M. Wiggins. Image courtesy of the artist and BUILDHOLLYWOOD

Show Us Your Club! Dazed Club debuts members’ artwork on UK billboards

The Dazed takeover of BUILDHOLLYWOOD billboards is now live

As communal spaces all over the world shut their doors indefinitely during the lockdown, the precariousness of our everyday lives was brought into sharp relief. Throughout the series of isolating lockdowns over the last few years, we were siloed in ways we’d never thought possible. As life now begins to resume a familiar shape, the act of once again coming together has taken on a renewed importance. Many of us have become more conscious and appreciative of the ways in which we engage with other people and the groups and communities to which we belong. 

We decided to celebrate the intricate constellation of communities that make up our society. To launch the partnership between Dazed Club and creative street advertising specialists BUILDHOLLYWOOD, we launched Show Us Your Club – a takeover project occupying billboards across London, Bristol, Sheffield, and Manchester. 

In response to an open call, Dazed Club members shared visual representations of their clubs with us – “whether that’s an actual club with dancing, mushroom hunting with a group of friends, or a collective finding purpose through their work. Getting together is our act of creativity. So show us your club!”

Today, the Show Us Your Club takeover launches as work by nine winning young creators from Dazed Club appears on billboards across the country. Images and text by Alice West, Lenacha Lema, Emily Dodd-Noble, Emily North, Safeen James, Babes in Development, Samiira Garane, Aretha Brown, and Bibiana Walmsley will be displayed at sites in major cities. From progressive art collectives, underground queer clubs, nostalgic stories connected to cultural identity, to expressions of body positivity, the works depict a range of clubs and encompass some of the most live and vital points of connection in the present moment. 

My interactions enabled me to feel connected to people again and find my own sense of power within a powerless, turbulent world,” says Emily Dodd-Noble, whose billboard at London’s Limehouse Station depicts the “safe, queer, expressive spaces” she found in Berlin during the 2020 lockdown.  

Multidisciplinary artist Samiira Garane, whose artwork “Xishood: The Free Woman’s Manifesto” is displayed at Stepney Green Station in London, describes their club as “anti-racist, pro-women and inclusive and meant to appeal to anyone in the process of breaking free from the status quo.” Garane explains: “‘Xishood’ means ‘shame’ in Somali. The project is a black and white zine that features illustrations, photography, paintings, and poems that meditate on what it’s like to search for liberty and reclaim your politicised identity. It looks at both the oppressive forces in the west and within my own community and tries to let go of resentment towards oppressive forces without yielding to the system.”

Emily North’s artwork (displayed on Ashley Road in Bristol) celebrates “the loud, colourful, and chaotic sensorial overload of a nightclub.” This work, titled “Deterioration Part I”, provides what the artist describes as “a quiet and dark contrast to the club.” North continues: “My practice-based research works toward articulating the experience and significance of clubs as a social phenomenon, particularly in the ‘Post-COVID’ world.”

Take a look through the gallery above for a glimpse of the Dazed Club BUILDHOLLYWOOD takeover, and see the list below for details of where you can see the billboards IRL. 

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Lenacha Lema – 99 Whitechapel Road, E1 7PH

Alice West – Dalston Lane, E8 2BF

Emily Dodd-Noble – Limehouse Station

Bibiana Walmsley – The George Tavern, 641 Commercial Road, E12 7NT

Babes in Development – Stamford Hill Station, N16  5AG

Samiira Garane – Stepney Green Station


Safeen James – 30 Ashley Road, BS6 5NP

Emily North – 34 Ashley Road, BS6 5NP

Aretha Brown – Deben House, Lawrence Hill, BS5 0BY 


Emily Dodd-Noble – Chapel Street West, M3 6AD


Bibiana Walmsley – Norfolk Park Road, S2 2RU