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Sarabande's Bound 06
 Printed on Munken Design Polar Smooth Crisp White 240gsmPhotography Sarabande Foundation

Sarabande’s BOUND celebrates the boundless creative potential of paper

Created by Lee Alexander McQueen’s prestigious Sarabande foundation, the book highlights 36 new generation designers, sculptors, performance artists, and more who explore their creativity with hand-crafted paper works

Since 2007, Lee Alexander McQueen’s prestigious Sarabande Foundation has dedicated itself to nurturing the next generation of creative talent – whether by providing scholarships, studio spaces, or creative mentoring to the jewellers, designers, photographers, sculptors, illustrators, and filmmakers under its name. Helmed today by Trino Verkade, who worked closely with McQueen throughout his life and helped set up the creative collective, Sarabande is releasing a new limited edition book, titled Bound

Inspired McQueen’s logic-defying creativity – from his SS01 razor clam shell dress to his AW06 antler and lace headdress and SS99 wood-carved prosthetic legs – Bound asks 36 of Sarabande’s past and present creatives to challenge their own creative practices by forsaking their usual mediums for paper. “Paper is the most democratic of materials,” Verkade tells us. “All of the creative disciples work with paper at some point, and we felt it was interesting to challenge an artist or creative to translate their practice and present themselves as an artist in paper.” 

The result – described by Verkade as “the closest you can get to experiencing the Sarabande studios” – is a collection of hand-dying, pop-ups, embossing, perforated prints, and pattern cuts created on over 90 unique G.F. Smith papers.

Inside Bound, sculptural artist Jimmy Sugiura displays a pair of shoes made in paper – photographed to narrate his creation process and completed with ten packs of pattern pieces; photographer Elena-Andreea Teleaga ruminates on scenes from her past by manipulating two photographs with a sheet of corrosive sandpaper; and textile artist Aurora Pettinari York uses 17th century techniques to creative a hypnotising pop-up sculpture with embroidered words. 

“Everyone interpreted or stretched the brief differently, either focusing on the tactility of specialty papers, how they manipulated their work, or how paper reacted to their practice,“ says Verkade, explaining that the book represents a “range of artistic expressions”.

“Everyone interpreted or stretched the brief differently, either focusing on the tactility of specialty papers, how they manipulated their work, or how paper reacted to their practice“ - Trino Verkade

Tucked inside each edition of Bound are two original, handmade works, designed by 19 of the artists and distributed at random throughout Bound’s 100 copies. From a hand-cut sculpture by paper and installation artist Alice von Maltzahn to an illustration by multidisciplinary artist Izaak Brandt created during one of his performances and a limited-edition photograph of paper nest sculptures by visual sculptor Paloma Tendero – the art pieces ensure that each copy remains a distinctive collector’s item with unique art to be inhaled.

Sarabande designed the books to exist as its own art piece, not just a documentation of art. Akin to its name, the book is hand-bound in 18 different linen colours and each copy is embossed with four different logo designs (which were also created by Sarabande artists). Outside of that, the books are encased in a traditional Japanese Furoshicki-style wrapping, crafted from hand-embroidered linens which took 105 hours to make. 

“The Furoshiki style of binding in a tight wrap represents Sarabande binding a community of artists and creatives together. The embroidery of flames leading into moths signifies the moths’ tenacious flight towards the light, and its ability to constantly change its appearance and develop,” Verkade tells us. “Each book is as unique and individual as the creatives involved,” she adds.

Bound was originally created to commemorate 100 artists under the Sarabande name and ten years since McQueen’s passing in 2020. After the pandemic delayed the release, however, Sarabande expanded its support to 35 more artists, and the scale of the project grew. “The artists showed such pride and generosity in being included, spending hours creating artworks donated to the foundation, and a trust in our ability to create a meaningful representation of art,” says Verkade. 

Staying true to Sarabande’s ethos and McQueen’s legacy, all proceeds from the project will go back towards supporting other emerging artists and designers as the foundation’s family continues to grow. “The cycle of creativity continues, ensuring a future space for those who know what’s possible when you think beyond the bounds,” Bound’s foreword reads.

BOUND is available exclusively at Dover Street Market. To acquire a limited-edition copy of BOUND, email, and in the meantime, see more from Sarabande here.