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 David Bowie ‘Fashion’ single design, Edward Bell
David Bowie ‘Fashion’ single design, Edward BellFrom the personal collection of Edward Bell, via Halls Fine Art

Original David Bowie album artworks are up for grabs in an online auction

Designs, original photographs, sculptures and more by artist Edward Bell are on display in the new sale

A series of artworks created by the artist Edward Bell, after he was commissioned by David Bowie to create the album artwork for the musician’s 1980 album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps), are up for sale in a new online auction. 

Comprising original designs, portraits, photography, and sculpture, the works are taken from Bell’s personal collection, sold in partnership with Halls Fine Art auction house and the Dory Gallery in Wales. Many also include signatures and comments penned by the musician.

Bell was originally hired to design the Scary Monsters cover after Bowie attended an exhibition of his work, and went on to produce artworks for the musician into the 1990s, including the CD cover for the 1991 record Tin Machine II. Other notable material featured in the Halls auction includes intimate polaroids, contact sheets, a bronze sculpture of Bowie that was crafted during the Tin Machine era, and designs for the 1980 single “Fashion”.

In a statement posted to Instagram, Halls Fine Art specialist Abigail Molenaar highlights a plaster of Paris and bone “Savage Heart” sculpture based on Bowie’s torso.

“This is a one off piece that Edward created during the Tin Machine II album artwork process,” she says. “David Bowie purchased the original drawings of the bust for his own personal collection. A stunning and striking work, I love how the shadows highlight the piece and create an almost ethereal feel.”

Last month, an original David Bowie painting that was picked up at a Canadian landfill for less than £2.50 went on to sell at auction for more than £63,000, echoing the time his first demo with The Konrads was found in a bread bin, and sold for $40,000 (£29,000) at auction.

It was also announced last month that the long-forgotten Bowie film Just A Gigolo is getting its first UK release, despite being critically panned when it first hit cinemas in 1978, and drawing criticism from the musician himself, who said in the years following its original release: “It was my 32 Elvis Presley movies rolled into one.”

Halls Fine Art’s auction, The David Bowie Collection of Artist Edward Bell, began yesterday (July 16) and will run through to August 1, 2021. Prices for each lot range from hundreds of pounds, to estimates of £1,000 to £2,000 for the most desirable pieces. View a selection of the artworks in the post below, and find the lots in full here.