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Ryoji Ikeda 180 Strand

Visual artist Ryoji Ikeda’s experimental exhibition is opening in London

The Japanese electronic composer and artist’s work transforms 180 Studios into a subterranean landscape through audiovisual artworks

Experimental electronic composer and visual artist Ryoji Ikeda is presenting the largest exhibition of his work in Europe at London’s 180 Studios. 

In partnership with The Vinyl Factory and Fact Magazine and in collaboration with Audemars Piguet Contemporary, the exhibition creates a sensorially immersive audiovisual experience – transforming the space into a subterranean landscape through the Japanese artist’s influences from Tokyo nightclubs to mathematical data, and astronomical black holes.

“The entire exhibition is based very much on physical experience, not only intellectual content,” explained Ikeda. “It begins with works that give intense, very simple experiences, and then the works get more complicated, like the data-oriented digital projections.”

The exhibition will premiere never-before-seen artworks from Ikeda, including the data-verse trilogy, a three-part piece which combines kinetic bright lights, visceral patterns charging at high frequencies, and constant soothing acoustic audio. The artwork aims to provide viewers a moment to reflect on the data-universe we live in. 

Otherwise, the exhibition will showcase an updated version of test pattern – which converts text, sounds, photos, and movies into barcodes and binary patterns – and A (continuum) – a sound installation which features six colossal speakers stacked to represent a minimalist sculpture. 

“What you hear, what you experience – that’s everything, whether you’re at a live performance or listening to a recording. Music is beautiful because we can’t see it and we can’t touch it, but everyone knows it. You don’t need to have it explained; you don’t need special tools to understand it. You can charge it with meaning all by yourself,” said the artist. “That’s the same approach I take with my installations.”

The Vinyl Factory x Fact Ryoji Ikeda exhibition runs at 180 Studios, The Strand from May 20 – August 1 2021. Book tickets here. Dazed readers can use the discount code ‘DAZED180’ to book advance tickets until May 17.