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Liberia, Arthur Bonbon

The first book to extensively document African surfers and their culture

AFROSURF shakes the archetype of the wave-rider by shining a light on Africa’s surf scene, its stars, and its place in sporting history

The surfer archetype has long conjured a shaggy-haired, blonde, tanned, blue-eyed Californian. However, an upcoming book, titled AFROSURF – currently raising money through Kickstarter – is looking to change that, as the first publication to comprehensively document surfing and the culture surrounding it in Africa.

“Africa’s surfing heritage and unique approach to wave-riding is largely undocumented,” reads the book’s statement. “AFROSURF will explore the power of African surf and its growing, invigorating, and inspirational influence on global surf and street culture.”

From Morocco to Ghana, Senegal, Mozambique, Somalia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Madagascar, and more, AFROSURF will capture Africa’s surf legacy via profiles with its stars, features, think pieces, a comic, and extensive photographs.

African surf brand Mami Wata (which translates to Mammy Water and references a water spirit which lives in Africa and the African diaspora) is organising the book. Its co-founder Selema Masekela explains: “AFROSURF is a book that I believe will redefine and expand how the world looks at surf culture.”

Donate to AFROSURF’s Kickstarter here and keep an eye out for its release later this year