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Begin Again is the virtual art exhibition tackling racial inequality

Gut Gallery’s online exhibition features 48 emerging artists with proceeds going to the Free Black University

Guts Gallery, a platform supporting underrepresented contemporary voices in the arts, has kicked off its Instagram exhibition showcasing artists with proceeds going to the Free Black University.

On show virtually between August 13 and 27, Begin Again is curated by Guts Gallery founder Ellie Pennick and Rayvenn D’Clark. The show features 48 artists, predominantly from Black, POC, queer, or working-class backgrounds, including Shadi Al-Atallah, Gray Wielebinski, Jeremy Deller, Lucia Ferrari, Rhea Dillon, and more.

There will also be a series of talks featuring the likes of artist Lotte Andersen, as well as London-based collectives Riot Soup and Baesianz.

“As society shifts, the art world shifts. We are on the cusp of change. This is a time to stop, reflect, create dialogue, and put our words into positive action. To begin again we must shoulder each other, listen to each other, work together and collectively change together,” said Guts Gallery in a press release. “As the newest generation of art collectors, we urge you to collect from this exhibition.”

All exhibiting artwork will be for sale, with 50 per cent of sales going to the artists, 45 per cent to The Free Black University, and 5 per cent to cover Guts Gallery admin expenses.

You can enjoy Guts Gallery’s Begin Again here, and check out a full list of artists below.

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