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The Regenerative List connects next-gen change-makers with world leaders

A new initiative, co-founded by poet, artist, and activist Wilson Oryema, will provide support and mentorship for young innovators who want to make a positive change

As the true consequences of climate change become ever-more alarmingly tangible and age-old social inequalities continue to manifest themselves in all manner of devastating ways – it’s become more apparent than ever that young people can no longer trust those in power to guard their best interests or look after their rightful inheritance – the future. 

The stakes have never been higher as the next generation mobilise in order to talk back to power, demand accountability, and challenge policy-making that so crucially affects their lives and the future of the planet. As David Bowie once said, “Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.” A new initiative co-founded by poet, artist, and activist Wilson Oryema, called The Regenerative List aims to support bright young talents with their ears tuned to the rallying call of change, and who are hell-bent on making a positive impact on the world. Whatever field you’re working in – whether you’re an artist, activist, technologist or student – The Regenerative List is an open call for anyone aged 14-29 with an original idea that could contribute to creating a better tomorrow.

It marks the launch of a four-year-long project designed to foster “intergenerational conversation and collaboration, moving us closer to an equitable and sustainable future”. And it's not just about shining a light on these philanthropic manifestos, it's about providing practical help in order to make them happen. One hundred chosen ideas will be featured on the Regenerative List website and 75 will be featured in the Regenerative Report – a scheme supported by Gucci. Twenty-five manifestos will be paired with a specially-selected mentor to provide practical guidance and support. The Regenerative Challenge is in collaboration with the UN and five of the winning pioneers will mentor global leaders towards a regenerative future. This will begin sometime in September for a fixed amount of time. 

So, if you’re under 30 and “doing something to sustain our collective well-being, with equity, empathy, and enthusiasm”, then visit The Regenerative List for instructions on how to apply to be part of this extraordinary project.  

The above videos are directed by Ruby Seresin, 24, London, and Rodrigo Inada, 23, London