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Dazed+Labs x Converse
Grace Phillipa Israel-Albertine, fashion Tara Greville

Here’s what went down at the Dazed+Labs term two photography show

The Dazed+Labs students rounded out the term with a huge photography exhibition in west London – see it all here

Earlier this month, term two of the Dazed+Labs photography course came to an end with a huge photography exhibition in the Rugby Portobello Trust which invited friends, family, and the wider community to celebrate the students’ visions.

The students were all given total freedom to curate their images in the space however they wanted. The results covered the club’s gym, with wall-to-wall large-scale prints, but also included work that showed the process of how the students each got to this point, with contact sheets and BTS snaps.

Reflecting on the 10-week programme, photographer and tutor Eddie OTCHERE said: “It (had) to be for the young people to almost determine their own outcomes, but we just give them the resources.”

Also on show were many images from the Converse supported photoshoot that the students participated in a few weeks ago, which allowed them to work with styling and hair and make up for the first time in a professional setting.

Major thank you to Eddie OTCHERE and Alfie White for leading this term, Dazed, Red Hook Labs, Converse, Kodak, The Rugby Portobello Trust, as well as all our incredibly driven students. Watch the video below to see all the action... Until next year!