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Niijournal III
Niijournal III

Photographer Campbell Addy’s latest magazine is his most personal yet

Issue III of Niijournal explores the theme of ‘Family Ties’ through the black LGBTQ scene, the church, and homes from Brixton to Accra

Niijournal returns with its third issue, this time its theme focusses on “Family Ties”. 

Photographer, filmmaker, casting agent, and publisher, Campbell Addy’s “here to educate, not irritate” take on emerging black artists and photographers first dropped into Dazed’s world in early 2016. Having stated that he doesn’t “want to work in an industry where I don’t have anything to say,” Addy has ensured that the issue has tackled important issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement as well as mental health in its issues.

While each issue has been close to his heart – for example, Addy has long been open about his struggles with mental health – this might be his most personal yet. Given that he appears on its cover with his mum, Constance Agyemang Afriyie, circa 1999, in a joint self-portrait.

Inside, the “Family Ties” issue examines “our closed, most intimate relationships”, from “blood relations, extended family, our pioneering black LGBTQ communities, the black church, the nightclub”, houses from New Addington to Accra, and a studio in Brixton.

Last year, Addy shone a light on his process of creating each issue, explaining: “A lot of content is through connections that I've been drawn to emotionally, as opposed to ‘Will this sell?’ or ‘Will this be popular?’”

It’s with this attitude that Addy has rallied the community around him, who, in turn, tell authentic, truthful stories about the black experience through art and words. Collaborators for this issue include Lotte Andersen, Daniel Obasi, Caroline Washington, Kareem Reid, Abdul Ali, and many more. In celebration of the launch, Addy – with The Laundry – is hosting a party at 50m, 14-15 Eccleston Yards, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9AZ, from 7-10pm on 20th December 2018. Click here for more details.