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The Design Museum workshop
by Erin Aniker

The Design Museum is hosting free workshops for aspiring illustrators

The monthly workshop is called #FridayNightSketch – see which artist is kicking off the programme here

Inspiring illustrators and designers your Friday nights just got a lot better. The Design Museum has launched a free, monthly workshop called #FridayNightSketch, which will be held at the Kensington location on the first Friday of each month. Each workshop will be led by a professional designer or illustrator, who will set out a sketching task inspired by the museum’s permanent collection or most recent exhibition. Attendees are then invited to stroll around the museum and sketch what inspires them about contemporary design and architecture, before sharing their finished work at the end of the evening.

The first workshop kicks off on Friday 2nd November, from 6-8pm, and will explore the themes of home and identity, hosted by illustrator Erin Aniker. Commenting on the workshop, Aniker said that "everyone will be encouraged to pair up with a stranger and wander around The Design Museum to pick out one to two objects each that explore each other’s idea of home and identity”. She adds that this could include anything from “a sewing machine used by a parent or grandparent to a sign, poster or piece of clothing made by your favourite designer”.

The workshops welcome people of all abilities, with Aniker adding, “The conversations had with your partner about each other’s home and identity will be just as (if not more) important than the actual illustration and the drawing process itself.”

The event is free but you must book your place here