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Graffiti artists London

This Instagram account pays tribute to the graffiti artists hit by a train

@rip_trip_lover_kbag is the graffiti community’s response to the three lost in the London tragedy

On Monday morning at 7:30am, the bodies of Albert Fresneda Carrasco, 19, Harrison Scott-Hood, 23, and Jack Gilbert, 23, were found on the train tracks near Loughborough Station in south London. Police say the three men were hit by an out-of-service passenger train shortly after 1am. Spray cans were found close to the bodies.

The heartbreak of friends, family, and fellow graffiti artists could be felt online. The Instagram account @rip_trip_lover_kbag is the graffiti community’s response to the tragedy. The account is posting messages of love for the three young men, as well reminding other street artists of the need to stay safe.

Messages from friends of the trio or others just wishing to pay their respects are shared on the page. “That’s my best friend Alby taken from us too soon… he was the nicest guy in the world and a good hearted person,” read one message.

“Trip was literally the kindest, most chatty, amazing guy…” read another. “He always managed to make people laugh and had such a bright future… the clothes he made were so, so sick…he’ll always be remembered.”

Another anonymous message with a tribute drawing attached read: “This has really got me the past (couple of) days. Haven’t painted in some time (and) had some close encounters myself, still love it and miss it. These boys paid the ultimate price and it’s so, so sad.”

Major graffiti artist Mr Panique also used his Instagram page to honour the three artists, while many have created graffiti around London in tribute to Trip, Lover, and Kbag, with messages such as “Rest in Paint”. 

It is thought that the @rip_trip_lover_kbag page was set up by the @ukfrontline Instagram account, which is an online forum for graffiti artists. The page criticised MP Brian Cooke, a former Transport for London board member and mayor of Bromley, who referred to the three men as “common scum” in the days following their death. Cooke took issue with the BBC referring to the men as "artists". There have been calls for him to resign from the Conservative Party following these comments. 

Alberto’s parents said in a public statement: “The British Transport Police informed us on Monday afternoon. We believe the three were hit by a train when they were painting graffiti late at night in a particularly dangerous place.” Alberto was born in New York, with dual Spanish and American nationality, but his family said that he felt at home in north London. He went by the tag of “Trip”, and was a talented artist, due to study graphic design at the London College of Communication in September.

Harrison’s parents, Susie and Perry, said in a statement released by Met Police, that their son was “a beautiful artist”, and “the love of their life”. Harrison, who used the tag “Lover”, had studied at Fine Arts College in Belsize Park. Staff described him as “very talented” and “very popular”.

Jack Gilbert, from Bush Hill Park Enfield, was known as “Kbag” in the graffiti community. “He lit up everyone’s world just by being in it and never failed to put a smile on people’s faces. The hole he has left in our hearts will never be filled. His talent for art even from an early age was exceptional. Everyone loved Jack and the only solace we have is he died doing something he loved,” a family statement related.

Tributes have been left at the London train station for the three artists, citing their graffiti tags along with flowers, written notes, and spray cans.