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Post-Cyber Feminist International
Tabita RezaireCourtesy the artist and ICA

How can feminist & queer practices impact future technology?

London’s ICA is hosting a five-day programme that looks at the future of cyberfeminism

Currently, at London’s ICA, a five-day programme that brings together thinkers and artists who are advancing discourses of how cyberfeminism has emerged over the past two decades, is underway. Moving through the realms of philosophy, art, performance, politics and gender theory, Post-Cyber Feminist International marks two decades since The First Cyberfeminist International was held in Germany in 1997.

According to the programme’s press release, “we are living in a time well beyond the imagined future of the first cyberfeminists”. Post-Cyber Feminist International also makes it clear that in order to push cyberfeminism forward, we need to be brought up to date with technological advances and ensure the future of cyberfeminism is fully inclusive of all people. The press release continues, “the progress of gender justice has in some ways failed to keep pace with the dizzying velocity of digital developments.” To do this, the programme will focus on “how feminist and queer practices can forcibly impact the future of technologies”, explaining, “Issues and ideas addressed include reproductive justice, media use by black women and the gender non-conforming, practices of biohacking, intersectional approaches to sonic cyberfeminism, #glitch feminism and sexism in the tech industry.”

This evening’s event will be hosted by Glitch Shorts and will screen various films from an array of directors. Saturday will include a “Black Feminism and Post-Cyber Feminism” talk, as well as a “Make It, Publish It” queer-led zine-making workshop. Sunday programming hosts a “Sonic Cyberfeminisms Reading Group: Intersectional Approaches”.

Post-Cyber Feminist International runs until Sunday 19 November 2017. Click here for information on the event and here for full programme