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In our collaborative competition, Dazed & Confused teamed up with clothing brand Diesel to encourage all readers to 'Be Stupid'.

Rarely do you hear such behaviour being sanctioned, but luckily enough, we beckoned worldwide pitches for stupid ideas, either through text and images online, or by going down to the Diesel store on Carnaby Street in London where participants filmed themselves explaining some brilliantly stupid suggestions.

We had ideas from gold plated dogs, underwater bowling, and stalking Alexa Chung in dodgy outfits to Diesel makeovers for the over 50's and beauty contests done over the radio... Or how about the old Honda filled with live fireworks and the fairly inoffensive 'Pope jocking'.

The ideas from whoever deemed to have submitted the best stupid idea was awarded up to a rather generous £50,000 by Diesel to help them realise and excecute it.

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