Alice Goddard Dazed 100

Alice Goddard

The self-publishing stylist is one half of the double act behind the decidedly independent Hot and Cool magazine

Ian Connor Dazed 100

Ian Connor

The post-internet polymath styling Wiz Khalifa, hitting the runway for Kanye and hanging with Virgil Abloh

Sisters Uncut Dazed 100

Sisters Uncut

“They cut, we bleed!” – meet the all-female collective making waves in England as they fight for the safety of all self-defining women

Richard Malone Dazed 100

Richard Malone

Meet the Irish designer channelling building sites and Argos uniforms to create ready-to-wear pieces for women on the go

Brianna Capozzi Dazed 100

Brianna Capozzi

Surrealism, nudity and a manicured dead squid – meet the photographer blurring the line between weird and wonderful

Tye Sheridan Dazed 100

Tye Sheridan

The teen actor’s true Texan grit has caught Miuccia Prada’s eye – now he looks set to take Hollywood by storm

20150312_183242 (1)

Benjamin Kirchhoff

The designer is making a name for himself as a stylist and creative director, working with Maison Margiela and a host of magazines

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