GMBH Dazed 100


ProjectsDazed 100

The nostalgia-fuelled, techno-mad design label began life on the dancefloors of Berlin

Mark Peckmezian Dazed 100

Mark Peckmezian

ProjectsDazed 100

This kingpin of print portraiture can bring out the personality of the most buttoned-up celebs – and the cutest pups

Ibrahim Kamara (Kristin Lee Moolman) copy 2

Ibrahim Kamara

ProjectsDazed 100

From Somerset House to the streets of Paris, the “Sensitive Thug” is crushing stereotypes of black masculinity

Caleb Femi Dazed 100

Caleb Femi

ProjectsDazed 100

London’s first young poet laureate is an urban romantic with a powerful understanding of why spoken word matters

NEW Isamaya Ffrench

Isamaya Ffrench

ProjectsDazed 100

Conceptual model and edible cosmetics inventor: the maverick make-up artist has come a long way from face painting at kid’s parties

Thomas de Kluyver

Thomas de Kluyver

ProjectsDazed 100

Crafting looks that conjure the It girls of 80s punk, the Aussie-born makeup artist is making waves with his dramatic but understated style

Kanako Takase by Yoshiaki Nakada

Kanako Takase

ProjectsDazed 100

The Tokyo-born make-up artist has made her name in New York thanks to a non-conformist approach and dizzyingly diverse portfolio

Dazed 100 Skate Kitchen

The Skate Kitchen

ProjectsDazed 100

Since kickflipping onto our radar with a Crystal Moselle collab, this New York collective has been tearing up the skater bro stereotype

Gayle Rankin Dazed 100

Gayle Rankin

ProjectsDazed 100

Juilliard’s first ever Scottish student is body slamming her way into seedy roles as a prostitute and female wrestler



ProjectsDazed 100

As the wildest DJ crew and label in Mexico, N.A.A.F.I is at the forefront of a new freedom spreading through the global underground

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