Alice Goddard Dazed 100

Alice Goddard

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The self-publishing stylist is one half of the double act behind the decidedly independent Hot and Cool magazine

Sisters Uncut Dazed 100

Sisters Uncut

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“They cut, we bleed!” – meet the all-female collective making waves in England as they fight for the safety of all self-defining women

Ian Connor Dazed 100

Ian Connor

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The post-internet polymath styling Wiz Khalifa, hitting the runway for Kanye and hanging with Virgil Abloh

Danny Fox Dazed 100

Danny Fox

ProjectsDazed 100

Paint now, think later – meet the Cornish artist who learned to embrace his own mistakes



ProjectsDazed 100

With his deathly digital compositions reshaping both the underground and the mainstream, the producer’s cataclysmic ascent has been astonishing

Amandla Stenberg Dazed 100

Amandla Stenberg

ProjectsDazed 100

Fearlessly outspoken on race, sexuality and gender, this actress and social activist knows that teen voices shouldn’t be ignored

Rhizome Mark Amerika CORRECT dazed-screenshot


ProjectsDazed 100

The first online platform to take net art seriously, Rhizome has been pioneering art and tech conversations for the past 20 years

Jesse Kanda Dazed 100

Jesse Kanda

ProjectsDazed 100

Mutant babies and the inside of Björk’s mouth – Jesse Kanda is the video artist making us fall in love with the beautifully repulsive

20150312_183242 (1)

Benjamin Kirchhoff

ProjectsDazed 100

The designer is making a name for himself as a stylist and creative director, working with Maison Margiela and a host of magazines

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