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Earlier this year, Dazed Digital called out to illustrators to have a go at drawing ten of Dazed's best covers from the decade. In the January issue of Dazed & Confused, we looked back over the last ten years with 100 past Dazed stars giving their thoughts on the decade. Inspired by the fan art that Dazed very often gets, we decided to 'draw' out this decade with the help of budding illustrators out there. The Dazed editorial team have selected ten of their favourite covers from the past decade, one from each year and we asked people to illustrate the covers in their own way. Dazed picked out a winner who was then be commissioned for a piece of work to appear in a future issue of Dazed.

With no restrictions other than the covers needing to be entirely illustrated, we gave an example, with a sketch by London-based illustrator John Paul Thurlow, who was inspired by the graphic composition of the Daniel Sannwald photograph for the December 2008 cover.

With the most popular covers being illustrated as Marilyn Manson from September 2000 and Karen Elson on October 2005, we even saw finely crafted covers in embroidery and weaving were submitted.


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