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Long championing new music at events such as Stag & Dagger and in their eclectic Bestival artist signing lounge, Firetrap have displayed the rock'n'roll spirit of their womenswear and menswear collections.

Firetrap decided to explore the more untamed elements of rock'n'roll and, with Dazed Digital and label Full Time Hobby to put out an open call for their Hobbyism compilation album cover designed by this generation's hottest talents. With entries ranging from illustrations to photographs and graphic art, the aspiring talents sent in a diverse range of visual art made with the music label in mind, celebrating the spirit behind it.

The winner saw their design used as a cover for Hobbyism, the Full Time Hobby compilation out 2010. Full Time Hobby selected the overall winner, whose work was also reproduced on Firetrap products sold in shops. The Dazed editors and Firetrap selected four runners-up from the top voted entries, who, along with the winner, saw their designs on Firetrap product and received £250 of Firetrap vouchers to redeem online.

In the search for original work from aspiring photographers, illustrators, typographers and artists – the exclusive artwork was to fit on a standard CD and with Full Time Hobby's Hobbyism compilation in mind.


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