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Cosmetics Mixtape

Stylish synth duo fight boredom and critics with this exclusive Dazed Digital mixtape

They might work and live in a fashion studio but there's nothing over styled about Cosmetics' music.  On their new 7" Sleepwalking The Cries (out on Captured Tracks) Nic and Aja explore the darker side of performance through rough cut disco and breathless electronica. Whether it's a skewed synth or slightly or muddy drum machine, they're a couple who don't like to keep it clean. And its not just the records that sound dirty. The band are known for their brutal live shows; from bloody & drunken maniacs at an illegal basement show or a last minute house party to close a tour with Blank Dogs. They've brought a bit of their energy to Dazed Digital with this exclusive mix.

1 - SUICIDE - Tough Guy
2 - CAROL - Breakdown
3 - CHRISMA - We R.
4 - DOROTHY - Softness
5 - DARK DAY - Hands in the Dark
6 - MALARIA - Thrash Me
7 - SONIC YOUTH - Bubblegum
8 - RUTH - Tu M'ennuies
10 - DEUX - Dance With Me
11 - NINI RAVIOLETTE - Suis je Normale
12 - BLACK DEVIL - Timing, Forget the Timing
13 - SOLID SPACE - A Darkness in my Soul

Cosmetics: "Yeah, these are songs that we have been listening to a lot are all really specifically influencing the songs we are writing and recording right now for our LP. a lot of them have been in heavy rotation for a long time and have been inspiring the ideas and songs of Cosmetics since we first started... a few are more recent discoveries..."

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