Sian Rowe

Sian Rowe is a culture and entertainment journalist based in London. She blogs daily at

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Zero Year

Youth culture came in for criticism in 2011, but is this the year that the underground comes back swinging? Sian Rowe says if you can’t find anything 
to turn 
you on in 
2012, you’re looking in the wrong places

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20 Q&As: Chris Taylor

In the new 20th Anniversary Issue of Dazed & Confused, we interviewed the profilic Dirty Projectors and TV On The Radio producer about his new music project, CANT

Photographs by Take Courage. Images of collaborati
Music Incoming

Nailing The Cross

The art and music festival, Nail The Cross curated by London's No Pain in Pop and Adventures in the Beetroot Field arrives again for its second year

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