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Lion Club Take You On A Journey

Converse Music protégés Lion Club talk to Dazed about the project and why they see themselves as a breath of fresh air.

Converse Music plays guardian angel to four budding musicians as they follow their journey through the beginnings of musical stardom, facing potential failure or cosmic success. The bright young things are captured over a fertilization period of nine months, armed with their own recording equipment and monitored by Converse digital team, we are witness to the contretemps and fortunes of Lion Club on the road and backstage. The three minute excerpts will appear weekly (from April 09) on the Converse music site, culminating in a 50 minute final edit. As the launch (this Thursday) fast approaches we talk to the band about their involvement in the project.

Dazed Digital: When I Google search you guys I get the Lion Club International Volunteer Organisation - was this intentional?
Lewis Rainsbury: Absolutely

DD: Are you Lions? If not, then what kind of animal are you?
Lewis Rainsbury: Dogs, not cats… We're humans, all animals really, just richer and more stupid.

DD: How did the Converse link-up come about?
Lewis Rainsbury: There was no direct link I don't think (maybe i'm wrong); just that we met the organiser at the right time with the same ideas I guess... It was during one of our weekly hauls.

DD: Any plans for a UK tour soon?
Lewis Rainsbury: Just festivals, credible ones to be fair; we're not really playing anything until the tour gets finalised for the beginning of July so a UK tour is afoot I guess, yes.

WHATS… special about you, then?
We're a breathe of fresh air maybe? As much as we love the whole ride that comes with being in an up-and-coming band, for us, it's really down to the musical aspect of things. None of us are trained musicians but L&M have been developing this for the past four years and just enjoy writing. Making our album is going to be a difficult task - we have almost too many songs to fit on it; maybe two albums are ready; who knows? Anyway, we're musicians with something to say about now; we're a reactionary cause to this mess that's arisen. Possibly down to The Horrors departure two years ago, now with their return hopefully a lot of underachieving projects can be put to bed to make way for us. Our songs are passionate and sung with aggression and lust, we're hopefully going to relate with a lot of people as our issues are so day-to-day. Put our songs with your car crash, sex, come-down, party, marriage, death, heart, and soul. And then we'll be happy.

...your worst vice?
Pessimism; Perfectionism; and Indecisiveness.

...the best piece of advice you've heard?
If you're depressed, compare your situation to the victims of the Holocaust and then stop feeling sorry for yourself.

...better, analog or digital?
I don't care? I use film when I take photo's.

...your favourite piece of clothing?
My Barbour jacket

...the world coming to?
An ancient philosopher said the world would end when in the east a man ruled with blood on his face and on the west, two brothers ruled…. Gorbachev and the Kennedys. It's happening...?

...the name of your hero?
 Oscar Schindler special about your hero?
He did something extraordinary.

...your worst fashion secret?
My girlfriend hates my cream felt shirts and mustard coloured briefs. year going to bring?
A blockbuster hit featuring our music on the soundtrack, followed by a mighty high billing on the festivals all around the world hopefully with a few sold out dates around the UK and a platinum selling album. Children?

...your favourite website? the top of your shit list?
Pretence and arrogance.

How would you describe your work?
Imaginitive, elaborate, beautiful, and over the top. If you believe you can do it, then you can. If you want to write a power ballad, then write it, however make sure you can hear it echoing through your head from the main stage at Reading as you walk down the stairs to go for a piss. If I know a song works, then we use it. If it doesn't do it for me - it's another 'album track', then what's the point? Every track should be single material I think. I love music, and seek influence from all over the shop. Hackney to Leatherhead and then back again taking a detour to Antibes in the south of France. We're not different.

Upcoming Tour Dates
Camden Crawl - SAT 25TH APRIL at BAR FLY on stage at 9.15pm
Live at Leeds Fest - SAT 2ND MAY  at JOSEPHS WELL on stage 9pm
Great Escape Fest - SAT 16TH MAY at ABOVE AUDIO
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