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WOE001 cover 1400

Ssaliva / Wanda Group - Birth Body

Neo-nostalgia and fuzzy abstraction from the split EP on Svetlana's new imprint Woetone

Woetone, the new imprint from underground electronic label Svetlana Industries, premieres their first release via Dazed - a hypnotising split EP as a statement of purpose of their current musical direction. WOE001 combines the work from neo-nostalgic Ssaliva and the notorious WANDA GROUP, two experimental artists playing with the fields of ambience, abstraction and atmosphere.

Belgian producer Ssaliva, also known as Cupp Cave and Kingfisherg, says his current guise is distinguished by the use of hardware over software, allowing for a blurry VHS quality, nodding to 80s sci-fi soundtracks. The EP moves from the ambient Vangelis-esque 'Fantasy 33' to the 80s groove of 'Arcadia' and the glitchy, emotive 'Die Gem',  whilst the flipside sees the latest track from WANDA GROUP.

Affectionately known for the ALLCAPS lols on his Twitter, the producer otherwise known as DEM HUNGER back in 2008 with Caveman Smack on Leaving Records momentarily disappeared. Since then his shady pseudonyms and releases via labels, Bandcamp, and his Tumblr, ALIEN PISSHEAD, have culminated in his track, 'COMMENCEMENT ON SLAVERY WITH A GENDER PERSPECTIVE'. With a background in noise music and abstraction, the organic producer utilising detuned drums, tape static and segments from OLD ethnic records or film scores - as heard in his abstract new track.