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An anonymous Instagram account is calling out the art world’s copycats

@whos____who is @dietprada but for art

An anonymous IG account has been wordlessly comparing pieces of art, sparking debate around plagiarism, heavy referencing, and appropriation. It’s like fashion criticism Insta @DietPrada, but for the art world.

@whos____who has amassed over 15.4k followers, posting side-by-side comparisons of contemporary art since January 2016, as ArtNet News first reported. With no opinions or caption save for hashtags of the artist’s names, much of the debate happens in the comment section. 

As outlined by ArtNet, one recent post highlights the similarities between Josh Smith’s watermelon painting, currently on display at New York gallery Eva Presenhuber, and the now-deceased Black folk artist Mose Tolliver’s work. Followers discussed the similarities, Blackface in art, and the appropriation of Black works by white artists for profit and success.

Another compares the work of Bill Barminski – known for his projects like Banksy’s Dismaland and the as-shown white cardboard sculptures – and rising L.A-based artist Joshua Vides. Other posts by the anon IG account are playful and subversive, drawing attention more to creative trends and tropes, like mattresses, neon body parts, and sarcastic text on canvass a la Ken Kagami, Michael Bhichitkul, Laure Provost, and Daan Lievense.