Anna Cafolla

Anna is Dazed’s News & Features editor

andy warhol
Art & PhotographyAn Andy Warhol artwork is being sold in the first Blockchain art auction
Antoni, Queer Eye
Film & TVAntoni from Queer Eye is opening his own restaurant
the staircase
Film & TVThe Staircase director on how he made a definitive true crime documentary
Selena Gomez and Petra Collins
Film & TVPetra Collins debuts a creepy short horror film starring Selena Gomez
Anna Delvey
Life & CultureNew York scammer Anna Delvey isn’t sorry about scamming
Science & TechHow scientists are fighting ‘Deepfake’ celebrity porn videos with AI
Kurt Cobain
Art & PhotographyRare artwork by Kurt Cobain has been destroyed in a fire
PoliticsGross: A Tory politician blocked a bill to ban upskirting
banksy stolen artwork
Art & PhotographyBanksy ‘Trolley Hunter’ artwork stolen by thief from Canada exhibition
call me by your name
Film & TVThe Call Me By Your Name soundtrack vinyl smells like peaches
Millie Bobbie Brown Collier Schorr Robbie Spencer Dazed 2016
Life & CultureMillie Bobby Brown quits Twitter after she’s turned into ‘homophobic’ meme
Art & PhotographyBanksy anonymously submits art, gets rejected by exhibition
boyfriend meme
Life & CultureThe Distracted Boyfriend meme was actually invented in 1922
Art & PhotographyAn anonymous Instagram account is calling out the art world’s copycats
MusicThe book that inspired a BTS song is now a bestseller in Korea
queer eye
Film & TVTears, sass, and Yass: watch the new Queer Eye trailer
Norman AI
Science & TechMeet Norman: the ‘psychopath’ AI trained on violent Reddit content
For Freedoms
Art & PhotographyAn artist group is putting up political billboards all over America
Grimes for Rodarte
MusicThis is not a drill: Grimes shares snippets of new songs
die antwoord alien
MusicWatch Die Antwoord’s surreal music video about a lonely alien
Weinstein and De Palma
Film & TVThe director of Carrie is making a Harvey Weinstein-inspired horror movie
Science & TechGrindr is working to help users identify STI risks with hookups
ace gorillaz
MusicGorillaz share new songs, album details, and their newest member
pusha t drake diss
MusicWhat you need to know about Pusha T’s merciless Drake diss