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Life & CultureAn ode to the video game himbo
Life & CultureSo you want to take DMT and meet God?
Life & CultureThe summer of discontent is only just beginning
metaverse beauty
Beauty FeatureWill the metaverse make us beautiful, or more insecure?
weight loss
Beauty FeatureUnpacking the dangers of the controversial weight loss jab
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Science & TechWhy are we all so obsessed with early web nostalgia?
Get Rich or Lie Trying influencer economy
Life & CultureHow influencers became the scam artists of the digital age
Life & CultureWhy is it so funny to make everything a little French? Une exposé
fast furniture
FashionHow fast homeware became the new fast fashion
Kim Cattrall scatting
Life & CultureRemember when Kim Cattrall sang freestyle jazz over an upright bass?
Joshua Citarella
PoliticsJoshua Citarella, the internet theorist tracing the radicalisation of Gen Z
Life & CultureWelcome to the new, deranged era of celebrity
Sexism in healthcare
PoliticsIt’s official: the UK healthcare system is failing women
Love Island non-binary
Film & TVLove Island and the boring, right-wing obsession with LGBTQ inclusion
FashionKanye West and Julia Fox’s ‘Date Night’ proves everything is marketing
90s phone sex lines – Operator podcast
Life & CultureHorny dads, armed raids, and a coup: the wild story of phone sex in the 90s
Molly Mae influencer exploitation
Life & CultureMolly-Mae, influencer culture, and the myth that hard work reaps rewards
Jon Hopkins psychedelics music
MusicMusicians are making sounds geared towards your trips
wildest fashion moments
FashionMore, more, more! These were the wildest fashion moments of 2021
2021 year in review fashion
FashionFrom pandemic to pandemonium, this is the fashion year in review
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FashionHow fashion got swallowed by the metaverse in 2021
2021 meme pages
Life & CultureMeme account admins on defining the chaos and cursedness of 2021
what fashion got right
FashionWhat fashion got right in 2021
2021 was the year the Millennial meme died
Life & Culture2021 was the year the Millennial meme died