Gina Tonic

Gina is a freelance writer based in London

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Life & CultureHow to navigate your career as a working-class person
Bailey Sarian murder mystery makeup tutorial
HeadEnter Bailey Sarian’s bizarre world of murder, make-up, and intrigue
harnaamkaur female facial hair beard moustache
HeadWill we ever normalise female facial hair?
Film & TVDumplin’ is the feel-good movie that’s finally here for young fat women
Film & TVNetflix’s Insatiable is just another fatphobic TV show we don’t need
Lauren Crow
Art & PhotographyPhotographing normal bodies having sex in a safe space
Hate Zine
Arts+CultureThis zine beautifully tells us to stop ruining our planet
Arts+CultureWeed on film: Hot Stoner Chicks vs Dumb Stoner Boys
Lauren Crow
PhotographyCelebrating the glory and grossness of our relationships
Arts+CultureThis zine is for the bad girls