Surveillance culture

AFW Article Cover (Black researchers)
Science & TechThe Black scientists changing the future with research and social justice
T-shirt facial recognition
Science & TechThis ugly AF t-shirt blocks facial recognition technology
Big Brother series 1 opening credits
Film & TVRewatching the first ever series of Big Brother can teach us a lot
Arts+CultureHow to stop the government reading your texts
Courtesy Harry F Conway
PhotographyThis photo series questions surveillance in our city
Anti-surveillance NSA protest
Arts+CultureWikipedia is planning to sue the NSA
Arts+CultureNSA whistleblower Edward Snowden wants to return to the US
GCHQ Bude surveillance listening station Cornwall
Arts+CultureParanoid that GCHQ has spied on you? Now you can find out
Samsung SmartTV listening in on you
Arts+CultureYour Samsung television set is listening in on you
Arts+CulturePeople in the House of Lords have no idea what Snapchat is
I'm Watching You Uncle Sam Protester Sign
Arts+CultureUS police are using X-ray style machines to look into homes
Arts+CultureWhy David Cameron's plan to ban Whatsapp is ludicrous
Arts+CultureAmnesty International releases public anti-surveillance tool
NSA American spying
Arts+CulturePlanes in America's skies are listening in on you
World's first drone filmed porno
Arts+CultureWorld's first drone-filmed porno actually quite picturesque
Arts+CultureCitizenfour filmmaker Laura Poitras watches the watchers
Arts+CultureFilmmaker Laura Poitras cannot visit UK for ‘fear of arrest’
This Message Will Self-Destruct
Arts+CultureThis self-destructing printer will set your messages on fire
Arts+CultureFerguson police have started wearing body cameras
FashionTumblr will ID what labels you're wearing in posts
Arts+CultureHave Tor users been watched for months?
Arts+CultureThe internet knows where your cat lives
Arts+CultureFacebook has made an app for celebrities to stalk you
Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 10.51.19
Arts+CultureEdward Snowden says NSA employees exchange intercepted nudes