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Unisex condom Wondaleaf
Science & TechThe world’s first unisex condom is here
Decolonising Contraception’s The Sex Agenda zine
Life & CultureThis stigma-busting zine unpacks sex and relationship issues affecting POCs
Contraceptive pill
Science & TechThe mini pill is finally available without a prescription, but at a cost
Olivia Laing
Life & CultureOlivia Laing on the problems of inhabiting a body
Life & CultureHow cash incentives for doctors providing contraception impacts women
Morning after pill
Life & CultureNo surprises: the morning after pill has been harder to access in lockdown
Life & CultureHow to look after your sexual health in lockdown
Assorted pills
Science & TechExperts believe STI rates could be driven down permanently in lockdown
Endometriosis 3
Life & Culture‘Like Avon but for CBD’: the endometriosis sufferers propping up CBD MLMs
Diamond Princess cruise ship Coronavirus
Life & CultureFree porn is being offered to passengers on coronavirus quarantined ship
An STI is diagnosed every 70 seconds in the UK, report says
Life & CultureAn STI is diagnosed every 70 seconds in the UK, report says
Sex Education season 2
Film & TVThe Sex Education cast and creators on what to expect from season two
Sex Education
Film & TVWatch the very NSFW trailer for season two of Sex Education
Morning after pill
Life & CultureThe morning-after pill should be sold off the shelf, experts say
Rafi Solaiman shot by Christian Cassiel
Life & CultureAble is the new magazine banishing disability taboos
Books for September
Life & CultureThe books to see you through Hot Nerd Autumn
Chlamydia vaccine proved safe in first human trial
Science & TechRejoice: a chlamydia vaccine could soon be on the way
Enby, Wild Flower’s non-binary gender free sex toy
Science & TechNon-binary sex toys are here, making pleasure more accessible for everyone
New study reveals the contraceptive pill’s impact on memory
Science & TechTurns out texting your ex might be a side effect of the pill
Contraceptive jewellery
Science & TechWhat you need to know about the contraceptive jewellery
Life & CultureIn defence of lube
male contraceptive pill
Science & TechA revolutionary male contraceptive pill has been deemed safe
Science & TechOne million women in the UK may be on the wrong contraceptive pill
Vagina a Reeducation
Life & CultureYour hymen is a myth, and other things a new book on vaginas taught us