Martin Parr

Dazed print sale to raise money for homeless youth
Art & PhotographyDazed has launched a print sale to raise money for homeless youth
Javanie Stephens, An Ode to Notting Hill Carnival
Art & PhotographyThis exhibition recreates the excitement of Notting Hill Carnival
Dimitry and Robert with Maxim and MIla
Art & PhotographyThese poignant portraits depict gay men’s experiences of fatherhood
“Trip to Norilsk”, Rosie Marks, 08.14-10.19 (2020)
Art & PhotographyRosie Marks’ voyeuristic photos capture everyday life’s banal absurdity
Magnum Square Print Sale 2020
Art & PhotographyMagnum is selling $100 prints to aid coronavirus relief
Martin Parr – Early Years 2
Art & PhotographyUnseen black and white photography from Martin Parr’s early years
FashionThe meaning of cult: our spring/summer issue is here!
Martin Parr on capturing the strangeness of Britain
Art & PhotographyMartin Parr on capturing the strangeness of Britain and its people
gucci martin parr time to parr campaign watches
FashionLegendary photographer Martin Parr on collaborating with Gucci
Art & PhotographyThese photographs depict the intoxicating sensuality of the garden
burberry alasdair mclellan christopher bailey here we are
Art & PhotographyNew Burberry exhibition co-curated by Alasdair McLellan
02_PressImage l Martin Parr l Sheep Lane Baptist
PhotographyPeep Martin Parr’s early and lesser known works
Martin Parr’s new idents for BBC One will roll out over 2017
Arts+CultureMartin Parr has made a series of idents for the BBC
Arts+CultureThe zine teaching us to enjoy, not endure our bodies
Unseen photos from Martin Parr’s archive in Dazed spring
PhotographyUnseen images of Martin Parr’s everyday England