Labour of Love (2022)
Art & PhotographyIn pictures: the most intimate images of 2022
Alba Yruela, Diaris 2009-2019 (2021)
Art & PhotographyA glimpse inside Alba Yruela’s poignant, poetic photo diary
Finesse (2021)
Film & TVFinesse: the must-watch series capturing the beauty of queer Black intimacy
FORSERVICE Zine lockdown sexuality Jared Behl
FashionThe NSFW fashion zine exploring sexual pleasure and intimacy in isolation
Florian Hetz’s The Matter of Abscence
PhotographyPhotos that explore the male body as a sex object
Matt Lambert
PhotographyHow does it feel to be young, in love and in lust in Berlin?
Antonia Marsh’s Pillow Talk
PhotographyThese photographers want you in their beds
Yulia Spiridonova
PhotographyPhotographing sensuality in post-Soviet Russia
Benjamin Fredrickson’s Salon
PhotographyThese nudes swap explicit for emotional intimacy
Nadia Bedzhanova’s Hotel Love
PhotographyIs this what your late night texts with a lover look like?