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CSM grad Anika Leila uses cosmetics to make wearable art
FashionAnika Leila turns manky, out-of-date make-up into monstrous wearable art
5 star 2
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Darby Woodlief
Makeup artistMUA Darby Woodlief creates ‘ugly’ beauty using paint and food scraps
Gigi Hari
ModelTrans model Gigi Hari is disrupting binary notions of beauty
loki dolor 3d printing artist instagram berlin
DesignerOrganic, delicate, in mutation: Loki Dolor’s 3D designs captivate Instagram
may tahmina akhtar instagram make-up artist
Makeup artistMay Tahmina Akhtar is the British-Bengali mastering make-up & data science
Jeff Golblum
Beauty newsInternet daddy Jeff Goldblum becomes the latest to try his hand at beauty
Think pieceCould 2019 be the year of the beauty no-buy?