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Anna Delvey
via Instagram (@annadelveycourtlooks)

Girlboss grifter Anna Delvey is now selling NFTs

The convicted con artist says she wants to move past her reputation as a ‘scammer’ by shilling... ugly JPEGs

Once upon a time, being convicted of grand larceny and theft of services would be enough to kill your prospects stone dead. But for the internet’s favourite scammer, Anna Delvey (aka Anna Sorokin), her conviction marked the beginning of what is now blossoming into a lucrative career.

With a Netflix series about her life and an art show already under her belt, Delvey has announced her latest business venture: an exclusive collection of NFTs.

“I’m trying to move away from this, like, quote, unquote scammer persona,” Delvey told NBC News. “This is, like totally, has been pushed upon me by the prosecution and by the following media and by the Netflix show, but I’m trying to move away from that definitely.” Thank God NFTs aren’t a massive Ponzi scheme!

To really hammer home Delvey’s pivot to a slightly more palatable form of scamming, the ten newly minted NFTs will be part of a collection called ‘Reinventing Anna’. The collection was created in collaboration with artist and animator Jonny Ryan.

The Reinventing Anna NFT will supposedly grant buyers access to “exclusive livestreams and other online and metaverse events.”

Buyers of three “ultra platinum” NFTs will also have the chance to meet Delvey in person and have phone calls with her, as well as access coveted personal items from her time in prison (including underwear, according to PageSix) and some of her Louvre-worthy sketches, which she currently sells for $250 each.

Delvey served nearly four years in prison after she was found guilty of defrauding and attempting to defraud banks and hotels. As of June 2022, she remains in ICE custody in Orange County Jail after overstaying her visa.

If for some insane reason you’re keen to buy into Delvey’s latest scam, you can check out her NFT collection here.