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BTS and Boston Dynamics’ robot dog
Via YouTube (Hyundai Worldwide)

Watch Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs dance gracefully to BTS

America’s Got Talent here they come

Boston Dynamics’ robot dog has done it all: wash the dishes, open doors, and even work for the New York Police Department (that is, before it got fired). As well as having intelligence, grace, and apparently the emotionless brutality required of the police, it turns out the robot dog can dance.

In a moving new video, seven robot dogs perform a rigorously choreographed dance to BTS’ “IONIQ: I’m On It”. The video is part of the promotion of Hyundai’s acquisition of the robotics company, and is joined by another clip of the most famous robot dog, Spot, meeting BTS backstage at one of their shoots.

“IONIQ: I’m On It” was released in August last year, as part of BTS’ ongoing partnership with Hyundai. Although the track’s official video dropped in September 2020, it pales in comparison to the sleek eloquence exhibited in the robot dog video.

The dogs move in perfect synchronisation, shaking their butts, waving their freaky heads, and opening their ‘mouths’. They also do little hops and jives, which are – I’m afraid to tell you – very, very cute.

This isn’t the first time Boston Dynamics’ robot dog has shown off its dancing skills. In December, the company shared a Happy New Year video which saw various robots (including Spot) dancing to The Contours’ “Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)”. It does beg the question: why are we using these robots for menial chores instead of sending them to the bright lights of Hollywood?

Watch the robot dogs dance to BTS below, and read Dazed’s investigation into when they’ll be roaming our streets here.