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Moon, NASA
Courtesy of NASA

NASA is building internet on the moon

Calling all space baes

NASA has announced plans to set up internet on the moon so you can stay in touch with all your space baes when the world goes to shit.

Last week, the space agency announced that it had selected 14 agencies to develop technology for sustainable moon missions by the end of the decade. Among them is Nokia, which was awarded $14.1 million to build the first mobile phone network on the moon.

The network, which is expected to upgrade from 4G to 5G in time, will provide communication for data transmission, such as command and control functions, the remote navigation of lunar robots, and streaming high-definition video. This way, astronauts can communicate via voice and video, as well as exchange biometric data through the wireless communications, according to Nokia

“Leveraging our rich and successful history in space technologies, from pioneering satellite communication to discovering the cosmic microwave background radiation produced by the Big Bang, we are now building the first ever cellular communications network on the Moon,” Marcus Weldon, chief technology officer at Nokia, said in a statement.

“Reliable, resilient and high-capacity communications networks will be key to supporting sustainable human presence on the lunar surface,” he added.

The project is part of NASA’s $28 billion plan to send the first woman and the next man to the moon – the first time since 1972. Earlier this month, the space agency announced that it’s sending a $23 million toilet to the International Space Station before eventually flying it to the moon, presumably for the same reasons. The idea is to establish a human base on the moon and use it as a stepping stone for facilitating human exploration of Mars. 

In the meantime, Elon Musk’s SpaceX is being made into a HBO show, which will explore possibilities of building human colonies on Mars, while documenting the launch of the first SpaceX rocket into orbit earlier this year.