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Instagram Reels #ReelSelf
Via Instagram @amikageorge, @lavalarue, and @keashldn

Young creatives and activists: refine your skills with Instagram Reels

Instagram has launched its virtual #ReelSelf Sessions, which offer budding influencers, artists, musicians, and more the chance to hone their talent via talks and exclusive content

In recent years, social media has emboldened young people to take control of their own narratives, and have their voices heard, whether through influencer culture, activism, or, simply, dank memes. The internet has also galvanised world-shifting movements – most notably Black Lives Matter – and sparked the careers of budding creatives.

One platform central to this seismic shift is Instagram, which – you’ll be shocked to hear – is turning 10 years old next month. The app has transformed the way we use the internet, establishing a new type of influencer, and giving everybody the chance to be seen.

Now, following last month’s launch of its new video feature, Reels, Instagram has announced its virtual #ReelSelf Sessions, consisting of exclusive content and talks which offer young creatives the chance to refine their skills. Running from October 21 to 23, the sessions will centre on topics including a decade of activism on the platform, how to stand out and be discovered, and how to actually be funny on IG.

The event follows on from the platform’s #ReelSelf campaign, which saw the likes of Dazed 100 musician Lava La Rue, London-based hair brand Keash, and #FreePeriods founder Amika George share their passions and skills with the Reels community.

Lava La Rue, who expresses her ‘real self’ through her music by addressing vital issues like systemic racism and queer representation in the UK rap scene, is a visual artist, singer, and the founder of the London-based arts and music collective, NINE8. For her video, the artist shared a snippet of a characteristically lo-fi track which shows her “true deep passionate love for cardigans” – feat, obviously, her impressive collection of knitwear.

Keash London, the city’s busiest braid bar, showed off the skill it’s most renowned for: reminding us that experimenting with hair is fun. In Keash’s video, model Akuac gets a brightly-coloured DIY paint do. 

In honour of the #ReelSelf Sessions announcement, Dazed has teamed up with Instagram to offer 10 readers the opportunity to get access to the three-day #ReelSelf Sessions programme. If you’re UK-based and over the age of 18, you can be in with a chance to win by posting a video on Reels under the #ReelSelf hashtag on Instagram and tagging @Dazed. Or you can simply apply to attend the event by sharing a Reels clip of your talent or interest with the #ReelSelf tag.

Entries must be submitted by October 5, and Instagram will get back to successful applicants in early October.