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Instagram Black Lives Matter
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Instagram users want swipe-ups made available for everyone to support BLM

People are urging the app to roll its link-sharing feature out to the masses so more people can share vital Black Lives Matter resources

Although one of the most popular apps in the world, Instagram is particularly bad if you want to, you know, get off it. In an attempt to keep users glued to it, the photo-sharing app only allows links to other sources in bios, or swipe-ups in Stories – the latter of which you can only do if you have over 10k followers.

Now, amid Black Lives Matter protests which have swept the world following the murder of George Floyd in police custody, users are urging Instagram to roll its link-sharing feature out to the masses, so people can more easily share vital resources with one another.

There’s even a petition for it. “With the Black Lives Matter movement,” writes Can Sipahi, who started the petition, “it’s become apparent that everyone has a platform, no matter how big or small, that they utilise to make change and take steps towards bringing justice to people who are stripped of it.”

Sipahi says the limit on anyone with below 10k followers to only share links in their bios “restricts their ability to use their platform to the maximum extent”. At the time of writing, the petition has over 3,000 signatures.

Twitter user @pogueholland pointed out that the feature is sometimes wasted on those who have the ability to use it, writing: “Can Instagram pls let those of us who don’t have 10k use the swipe-up option especially now cause these celebs who have a platform w over 10k obviously aren’t using it.”

Some white Instagram influencers have been criticised for virtue signalling on their platforms, with videos emerging of people posing outside looted and boarded up stores, as well as next to marches.

Until Instagram complies and gives us all swipe-up, here’s a list of anti-racism resources to help you educate yourself and stay engaged.