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via Instagram (@productionclub)

Someone designed a PPE rave suit for safe socialising in the club

Get in loser, we’re going raving

From endless hangouts on House Party to sex orgies on Zoom, over the course of the last few weeks people have been coming up with new and inventive ways to spend their Saturday nights. Unsurprisingly, though, some of us are beginning to miss the kind of IRL human interaction that nights on the dancefloor surrounded by our friends bring – which is why an American company has designed a PPE suit specifically for raving. 

Dreamt up by LA-based creative studio Production Club, the Micrashell suit will allow you to “safely socialise in times of a pandemic”. Ideal for those longing for the thrill that comes from getting sweaty in a dark basement or the middle of a field, the hazmat-style suit is made from high-performance, cut-resistant fabric and fitted with PPE equipment such as a virus-shield and an air filtration and breathing system.

Elsewhere, a wireless voice communication system and speakers are built into the suit, allowing you to determine the volume of the sounds around you – from the DJ and your friends, to ambient noises – while other special features mean you can vape, drink, and even have sex while wearing it (just don’t ask us how, OK?). 

Writing on its website, Production Club explained: “Social distancing measures have been introduced by the authorities as a way of slowing down the spread of the disease. However – beyond the obvious benefits of this action – there are certain drawbacks that make it only viable for a limited period of time, like its toll on mental health or its impact on the economy.”

Citing the “violent protests to stop social distancing measures” (which have proliferated in the US and some parts of the UK), along with people criticising and not following goverment guidelines as a motivation to create the protective gear, the studio went on to write on its Instagram page: “We wanted to leverage our experience in event production to propose a solution for the events industry.”

While the suit is still in the early stages of production, we may be seeing you at the club sooner than you thought.