Watch Jasmine Masters find out ‘And I oop’ is the GIF of the year

The drag star’s iconic clip was viewed 419 million times

Drag legend Jasmine Masters may not have scooped the Drag Race crown, but she’s won an even bigger accolade: GIF of the year.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the star went viral earlier this year for the now-iconic 2015 clip in which she coined the term, “And I oop”. During a YouTube video, titled “handle your liquor”, the drag queen complains about friends who get too drunk while out. Near the end of the clip, Masters suddenly interrupts herself with the words, “and I… oop”, before composing herself and telling viewers “I just hit my balls”, then quickly ending the video.

The clip is now one of the most shared reaction videos online, and scored top in Giphy’s GIF’s of 2019 after being viewed 419 million times.

In a video shared on Masters’ Instagram page, she can be seen opening the award in the post. She reads a note from Giphy that says, “congratulations on having the number one GIF of 2019”, before commenting: “Oh my goodness!” As well as the award, Masters received a trophy that plays her GIF over and over again.

Congrats to Masters on her much-deserved win, and I… oop.