This egg is the most liked image on Instagram ever

Nothing really makes sense anymore

When Kylie Jenner announced the arrival of her beautiful daughter Stormi, it became the most-liked image of Instagram’s history. If you look at that post today you’ll get distracted by an endless stream of eggs in the comments. People have begun posting egg emojis, taunting her.

That’s because there’s a new hot influencer on-the-rise, and it’s an egg. With just one post, @world_record_egg has beaten the record for most likes on the platform with almost over 25 million so far.

There’s no clear reason as to why this egg has become so successful since it debuted on January 4. Sure it has a tan, and freckles. But, essentially it is just like any other egg. Yet more people have liked the image than the population of London, New York, and Hong Kong combined.

One wonders what the next step will be for the egg. What will it say? What will it try to sell me? When can we get our hands on egg merch?

On Twitter, an account simply named Half an Onion gained over 635,000 followers, in an attempt to overtake Donald Trump’s account.
A report by Atlantic last year also looked into the multitude of Instagram accounts which post identical photographs every day, in an attempt to swiftly amass followers.

The ‘Egg Gang account’ owner said in an Instagram story: “This is madness. What a time to be alive,” and thanked everyone for their support.

For now, Kylie seems to be taking the news quite well, poking fun at her creeping irrelevance by reposting a video of that time she tried to fry an egg on a pavement. That could also be a thinly veiled death threat to the world record egg though.