Nokia is bringing back the banana phone from The Matrix

Yet more proof that 2018 is fixated on the 1999 film’s slick sci-fi aesthetic

Before iPhones, Blackberry BBMs, and Motorola “hello moto” Razrs – Nokia were the dons of the mobile phone universe.

After announcing plans to bring back the 3310, which got us all addicted to playing Snake, the company’s nostalgia trip continues as they’re revamping the banana phone made famous by The Matrix movie.

According to The Verge, Nokia has re-introduced their slider originally released in 1999 in banana yellow and black shades. It will be available from May this year for just $97 (£69), so you too can look like Neo for a minimal fee.

Unfortunately, for those of you who love taking selfie, the camera is only 2 megapixels. Also, true to the past the super-small phone can’t actually access the apps we’ve become accustomed to yet. Although, the parent company, HMD, is creating an app store for the device, which will include Facebook. 

With black vinyl trending, trench coats back in, and tiny black glasses storming the runway – this is all we needed to complete our look and lurch towards a 2018 where we all decide to style ourselves like Neo and his cohort.