Biz Sherbert

London, United Kingdom
biz sherbert

Media and Entertainment

The writer and cultural critic who is using contemporary cultural theory outside of its academic constraints.
Biz Sherbert

Originally from South Carolina and now based in London, Biz Sherbert is a writer and cultural critic with a focus on fashion and the internet, and how both shape identity. Starting out by posting personal fashion essays as Instagram captions, and thoughtful trend analysis videos on TikTok, Sherbert has since written for publications like AnOther, i-D and Document Journal, lectured at Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion, and writes a column called “Intimacy and the Machine” for Various Artists, in which she explores how the internet shapes our physical and material desires.

She also co-hosts the fashion and culture commentary podcast Nymphet Alumni with Sam Cummins and Alexi Alario, covering topics from the rise and fall of American Apparel, the revival of the ‘Twee’ aesthetic, the ‘Xandemic’ and teenage suburban malaise, and much more. Inspired by the tradition of thinkers such as Mark Fisher, and with a goal of bringing intellectual thinking outside its academic constraints, Sherbert makes contemporary cultural theory resonate with her audience, while speaking authentically about the role of the internet. “We use fashion and aesthetic movements as a framework to understand larger cultural moments and try to have some fun along the way”, she told Check-out Magazine. “A lot of fashion media is musty and has no real understanding of the internet’s impact on fashion. Nymphet Alumni is our attempt to change that.”

Text Zsofia Paulikovics