Tamar Clarke-Brown

London, United Kingdom
tamar clarke brown

Media and Entertainment

The curator, writer and artist working at the fore of technology.
Tamar Clarke-Brown

How can art help us retain a sense of hope and possibility? Tamar Clarke-Brown’s multidisciplinary practice as curator, writer and artist is trained toward that very question. Clarke-Brown looks beneath the skin of the everyday and ordinary, thinking about where the stories we tell ourselves come from, and how they can be altered to create new imaginaries in which everyone has space to dream.

Hers is a rhizomatic creative practice that centres multi-layered diasporic experience, and she is currently particularly focused on gaming and the metaverse. As an Art and Technology curator at London’s Serpentine she helped conceive of the forthcoming Third World. A world-building game project that examines contemporary Black-Indigenous Brazillian lives and their struggles against colonial knowledge, Clarke-Brown collaborated on Third World with fellow Dazed100er Gabriel Massan, as well as a team including Castiel Vitorino Brasileiro, Novíssimo Edgar and LYZZA.

To say that Clarke-Brown works across a broad range of mediums and registers would be an understatement, and already she counts a remarkable roster of artists, institutions, platforms and more as both her peers and collaborators. She has worked on event series including Serpentine Marathons and Park Nights, presented talks with the likes of NTS Radio, London’s ICA and the Venice Biennale, written exhibition texts for artists including Liz Johnson Artur, and for publications including Dazed and i-D, and exhibited, often with the collaborative project CBT, at Tate, Somerset House, and more. Working at the fore of technology, and already a presence in multiple cultural spheres, it feels safe to say Clarke-Brown will prove to be a star in the art world and beyond.

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