Kai Whiston

London, United Kingdom
kai whiston


The self-taught producer is already one of his generation’s most promising talents.
Kai Whiston

At just 23 years old, Kai Whiston has already had a career that most producers could only dream of. Not only has he produced tracks for the likes of Shygirl, VTSS, Coucou Chloe, Tommy Cash and Dorian Electra, the London artist has also scored a distribution deal with Universal for his label Lux Recordings, while his educational platform Lux Cache boasts alumni such as Oneohtrix Point Never and Jimmy Edgar.

Having taught himself how to produce using equipment donated via a government scheme as a teen, Whiston released his banger-infused debut Kai Whiston Bitch in 2018, shortly followed by No World As Good As Mine. Following on from last year’s hybrid-alien themed Drayan mixtape, Whiston’s third studio album, Quiet As Kept F.O.G., is an intimate reflection of his experiences growing up as part of the New Age Traveller community.

Featuring collaborations with Pussy Riot, EDEN and longtime collaborator Iglooghost, the album takes listeners on a beautifully atmospheric journey of self-discovery as he reconciles himself with the childhood he spent his teenage years resenting, combining elements of 90s rave with fantastical soundscapes and orchestral interludes. Refusing to be boxed into any one sound, Whiston’s maximalist approach to editing and sound design ranks him as one of this generation’s most promising producers. 

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