Isabella Lovestory

Montréal, Canada
isabella lovestory


The Honduras-born pop star mergeing on-screen sass with post-ironic fashion.
Isabella Lovestory

Isabella Lovestory is a certified fashion freak. The Honduras-born, Montreal-based pop star is a formidable online presence, with a playful social media persona that merges on-screen sass with post-ironic fashion, spanning bold slogan tees to light-up stripper boots and blinged-out snapbacks. Her music videos transport listeners into surreal worlds in which Miu Miu kitten heels run amok and raunchy choreographed numbers recall 00s MTV, where club-ready, bass-heavy reggaeton brushes alongside high gloss pop melodies that beam with instant sex appeal.

With stories of love, sex, rage and ecstasy, her debut album AMOR HARDCORE layers early 2000s reggaeton over the era‘s provocative pop. References to flashing neon lights, juicy cherries, and shiny belly button piercings only further her sensual aesthetic world. Since then, she’s starred in zeitgeisty New York newsletters Perfectly Imperfect, fronted numerous publications, and featured on Palmistry’s “Bad Vibes” alongside Bladee. Lovestory is revving her motor and taking no prisoners.

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