"We finally have a chance to be creating our future."

Over the past year or so, crypto-clothing has gone from the margins of Discord servers to something The Guardian writes about. And yet the metaverse, with all its NFT sneakers and Fortnite skins, has been met with scepticism by the style set – particularly those who feed off the aura of an IRL fashion show. Much of the dubiousness towards Web3 might be rooted in the conversations surrounding BoredApes and Beeple, but AUROBOROS is looking beyond the discourse, and approaching virtual fashion as if it were “a form of magic“.

Already the first digitally-native brand to make it to London Fashion Week and the Victoria & Albert museum – where it housed one of its Biomimicry gowns, blooming and decaying in real-time – AUROBOROS transformed Grimes into a post-human avatar for the closing segment of this year’s inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week. All molten armour, bioluminescent veins, and tendrilous stalactites, their filters push organic forms to cybernetic extremes, and have cloaked thousands of AR users. “We are part of an evolution of communication and creativity where nothing is predestined. We finally have a chance to be creating our future,” the brand says. “We are only at the precipice of a Web3 world, building the foundations of a future that will impact all of us, regardless of interest.”

Text Daniel Rodgers