Zelda Barnz

Zelda Barnz

Age - 20
Los Angeles, United States
I’d partner with The Trevor Project to create a fund for a support system for queer youth living in regional areas
Zelda Barnz

Gen-Z telling stories about Gen-Z for Gen-Z. That’s the premise of Genera+ion, Zelda Barnz’ TV show, which she sold to HBO while still just shy of her 18th birthday. Now, two years on, Barnz is one of the youngest showrunners in television history, writing and producing the show with her father, the screenwriter and film producer Daniel Barnz, as well as Lena Dunham of Girls fame.

Genera+ion’s title is a reference to the plus in LGBTQ+, and true to its name the show features a diverse cast of characters, who find common ground in their high school Gender and Sexuality Alliance club. The show draws heavily on Barnz’ own experiences of coming out to her fathers as bisexual at 15, and subsequently becoming the co-leader of her own school’s GSA club. In Genera+ion she sought to create an authentic portrait of what’s it like to be young and queer now - and all the awkwardness, pain, joy and liberation that comes with navigating your identity at school.

As well as acting as showrunner for her prestigious television drama, Barnz somehow found time to apply for a place at Yale University. This fall, she’ll arrive at the Ivy League university, right after she wraps up Genera+ion. 

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