35- Alice Pagani
Alice Pagani

Alice Pagani

Age - 24
Roma, Italy
I’d make a film about LGBTQ+ relationships through a contemporary lens – part of mainstream storytelling not a category
Alice Pagani

Your first encounter with Alice Pagani might have been on the small screen, playing rebellious schoolgirl Ludovica in the Italian teen drama Baby, or on the big screen in Loro, Paolo Sorrentino’s 2018 film about the shifty inner circle of Silvio Berlusconi. Or you could have glimpsed her on numerous magazine covers or fashion campaigns. The point is, Alice Pagani refuses to be tied down to a particular label. An actor, author and artist, what unites her career is a penchant for picking interesting projects.

Since starring in Loro, career highlights include starring across from fellow teen icon Nicholas Hoult in Emporio Armani’s 2020 “Together Stronger” campaign, and fronting a vital Italian Vanity Fair cover in support of women’s and LGBTQ+ rights. 

Somehow, Pagani’s also found time to pen her debut novel – Ophelia, a coming-of-age story published earlier this year. Where she to win the Dazed100 grant, she’d make her first film, an LGBTQ+ romance revolving around an artist and a student living in Berlin (she cites Simone de Beauvoir and Marina Abramovic as inspiration).

Text Thom Waite

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